Classic European Petits Fours – Christine Dahl Pastries – Santa Barbara, CA

Wholesale Pastries to the Trade.

Miniature European Pastries

  • All pastries are 1-2 bite size and are $1.75 each.
  • Assortments are welcome, but not less than 35 of each kind please.
  • Minimum order is 100 pieces.

Raspberry Frangipan Gift Boxes – dense almond cake layered with amaretto (pink) buttercream, seedless raspberry jam, topped wth white fondant and a pink bow.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cubes – rich, dense chocolate hazelnut cake with choc/hazelnut gnache filling with a chocolate glaze and white chocolate criss-cross design .

Lemon Meringue Tartlet – 2” sweet tart crust filled with lemon curd and topped with browned meringue.

Creme Brulee Tartlet – 2” sweet tart crust filled with creme brulee with burned sugar top. (different flavors available)

Fresh Fruit Tartlets – 2” sweet tart crust filled with custard or passion curd, topped with fresh seasonal berries and fruit.

E’claires – traditional, filled with custard and dipped in chocolate gnache, white choc. Line garnish.

Profiteroles – cream puff filled with chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate gnache.

Caramel Crust Choux Puffs – classic puffs filled with a pastry cream and dipped in hot caramel.

Cheesecake Lemon Curd Diamonds – cheesecake baked into a sweet crust, lemon curd on top. Cut into diamonds, and garnished with any color rosebud and green leaf. Also, Passionfruit or Key Lime Curd.

Nut Fingers – walnuts, pecans, almonds, and hazelnuts,(maybe even pistachios or pinenuts) baked into a sweet crust and cut into fingers. (like pecan pie) can be done in individual shell too.

Coffee Fudge Diamonds – rich chocolate espresso filling baked into a sweet crust, topped with coffee buttercream. Cut into diamonds, garnished with a chocolate coffee bean.

Strawberry Shortcakes – mini shortcake biscuits, filled with chantilly cream, a strawberry slice, and dusted with sugar.

Apple Puff Pastry Flower – flower shaped puff pastry baked with pastry cream and sliced apples, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and baked till golden and crusty.

Chocolate Pecan Turtle Cups – caramel and roasted pecans in a 2” chocolate cup topped with a dallop of chocolate ganache. (or macadamias)

Fruit Cobbler Squares – sweet crust filled with seasonal fruit (peach, apple, or berries) baked with a cobbler topping. Can be done in individual shells too.

Brandied Cherry Chocolate Cups – 2” chocolate cups filled with cherry chocolate mousse and topped with a brandied cherry.

German Chocolate Brownie Square – rich chocolate brownie with traditional german chocolate topping. (coconut/pecan)

Tiramissou Squares – vanilla chiffon cake bottom with espresso syrup, mascarpone mousse with amaretto, lady finger top dusted with cocoa.




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